Terms and Conditions


Our standard turn around time is 10 business days (sometimes less, sometimes a little more) this does not include shipping. Kwikgrafx will only guarantee a delivery date via a RUSH order. If you have an exact deadline please make sure to clarify that when placing the order. Kwikgrafx will not refund an order once placed and in progress.

Defect Policy:

Accidents rarely happen but sometimes they do. In that rate case, Kwikgrafx will reprint or refund any mistakes over 10% of the total number of imprints. Kwikgrafx Screenprinting will not refund supplied garments for any issues that may arise with any supplied garments.

Quantity of shirts more or less than ordered: All orders are counted for delivery, at staging, on press, and in packing - its really rare that your numbers are off. if you feel that they are, please let us know. we also have a 10% over or under run (so if you get a few extra, we are nice guys - but have never, ever under run something).

Misprinted Items:

Slight variables in print location will occur ESPECIALLY with designs that are perfect circles or perfect squares. Kwikgrafx will not rerun or refund any garments for minor infractions (up to 1 inch) of placement. Also, this is a hands on process, things will alter, theres minor placement changes on any and every item - if you have issues, most definitely talk to us about it. Our end goals is that you love whatever we are doing for you.

Garment Policy:

We will stand behind the quality of our printing fully. However, we are not involved in production or the quality control of any of the garments we print on. If we notice an issue with a shirt, we will set it aside or bring it to your attention. However - we are not inspecting every shirt for issues. We will accept no responsibility for issues with the garments themselves. This also applies to shrinkage and/or sewing issues. We apologize in advance but no refunds or reprints will be made for these issues as we have absolutely no control over them.


Any artwork not supplied print ready is subject to an art fee. Production art fees are $40/hr with a minimum of 1/2 hour